The Search For New Glasses With Warby Parker

I remember vividly when I knew I first needed to go to the eye doctor. I was in a coding class in college and I kept having to ask if he could make the text on the screen larger so that I could read. He finally had to tell me it should be big enough and it was that week that I set up a meeting with a local eye doctor. I had been used to having good vision for a while that I didn't really think twice about the times that I was squinting. I just assumed it was dark or that I was far and it was normal to have to strain my eyes. Well it most definitely was not and getting glasses helped enormously. 

However, I didn't really know what to do when I was in the store and they told me to pick out my glasses. I felt awkward trying on different glasses in the sore and vapidly checking myself out. So I picked a pair that felt ok and left. That was the biggest mistake. They were narrow rectangle lenses and I spent more time having my vision blocked by the frames that I eventually stopped wearing them. So when

Warby Parker

reached out to me I thought this is the push I need. I grabbed my free home try on, a close girlfriend and we went out on the Plaza and I tried on the


in different situations to see which I would rather have day to day. 

I tried on 4 of the

winter collection

frames and one from their fall collection I had my eyes on. 










I've tried on the glasses and I keep debating which ones to settle on. I loved the red pair. They were bold and I felt confident in them. But they might be a little bold for my face. I thought the third pair (the blue/grey) would be my favorite but they ended up being knocked off of my list pretty early. The last two had a similar color scheme going on and I liked both while wearing them. The grey ones were fun and definitely would match with everything. It's what I'm leaning towards now. What are your thoughts?