Pear Cranberry Red Sangria

It is my humble opinion that you can never have too many sangria recipes on deck. Especially when those recipes are easy to make and great to bring to a party. Which is exactly what I did with this sangria recipe. I whipped it up for a work party so you know it's good. You have to make a good impression at these things, ya know?


1 cup whiskey

1 cup vodka

1 bottle of red wine

1.5 cups cranberry juice

1 fresh pear

1/2 cup of fresh cranberries


Slice up a pear and put into pitcher. Pour in ice and cranberries followed by your whiskey and vodka. You can let your fruit submerge in these flavors for a couple of minutes if you'd like. Add your wine and cranberry juice and stir well to make sure all of your ingredients are mixed well. Pour into a glass and enjoy!