A Royal Monday Motivation

What a great time to live in Kansas City! We are the World Series Champs! I remember watching Game 7 last year in Kansas City in the Power and Light District. There were many tears (and maybe a few shots taken.) But, we came back this year with the heart and fire that we are known for to win it all. 

Todays Monday Motivation is all about the lessons we can learn from our boys in blue and a blue cocktail to sip on while we evaluate our life goals and feed off of the pure happiness and joy that this city is filled with. 

4 Lessons I've Learned From Watching The Royals Take The Crown

Don't ever give up

The game is NEVER over with the Royals We have been known as the come back kids and we do that damn well. So even if it's the bottom/top of the 9th, in whatever adventure you are on, just know that you can do this. Fight till the very end. But if you do lose then you watch those tapes and you get back up to bat the very next day and you can make it happen. 

Take Risks

Sometimes you are going to have to pull a Hosmer and run and slide into home plate as a last effort to score a run to tie the game. You just have to take a few risks here and there to make things happen. Assess the options and then have confidence and don't look back.

Maybe sometimes you should look back. Ya know? Don't make silly decisions!

Know your strengths

Some of us are known for our speed, some of us our known for hitting home runs, and some of us are known for our defense. Know your strength and surround yourselves with others that fill in your gaps. Which leads us to the last little bit of Royal wisdom:


When you find those people that fill in your gaps hold on tight! And figure out how you work together to become something unstoppable. If you can trust in them it will only make your team that much stronger. 

Now, Lets raise a glass and cheers to our World Series Champs! 

Scroll down for the recipe. 

 I actually created this cocktail a few months back for one of my favorite blogger babes Irene of The Op Life. I created it with the Royals in mind and it's just perfect that it incorporates champagne

She's a darling babe and you should check her out


The Blue Honey Bee


½ shot pineapple

1 shot tequila

dash of honey

dash of blue curacao

Top off with champagne

sugar and honey for the rim



Add the pineapple, tequila, honey, and blue curacao to a shaker with ice and shake. Rim your martini or margarita glass with honey and dip into sugar. Strain the cocktail into your glass and top with champagne (to your liking. I personally add more than most). Enjoy!

Cheers to the Boys in BlueXOXO,Jacque