New Workout To Try: Core Power Yoga

Working out comes incredibly easy to some. At least that's how they make it seem. Personally, I need a class environment. I need someone to tell me what to do and if I'm doing it wrong. But, I also need the workout to kick my butt in the kind of way that has me coming back for more. Which, is EXACTLY what Core Power Yoga does for me. 

Photo c/o Core Power Yoga

Over a year ago I was living in Washington D.C. and taking classes at the Core Power Yoga in Georgetown. I would come home from work, change, grab my yoga mat and walk to the studio. I became somewhat addicted. But, I guess if I need to be addicted to anything this isn't a bad option. When I finally moved back to Kansas City I knew I would miss my ritual and the sunsets I would usually catch on my way there. I looked high and low for a studio that sounded like it might be the same or similar but nothing popped out to me. 

My walk to the Georgetown studio always had the best sunsets

Then, I received an email that excited me more than you could ever know. Core Power Yoga was coming to Kansas City and they were having an outdoor yoga class to kick things off. You better believe I was there. 

Now, you may be thinking cool there's a new yoga studio in town and this crazy chic loves it. But, I highly recommend giving it a try. If you sign up now you can get a HUGE discount on their Black Tag membership. This comes with unlimited classes and 20% off programs and teacher trainings. Say whaaat? You can find out more at their website:

Still need a little convincing? Meet Lora! She's the studio manager and she's incredibly sweet. I had a chance to talk to her when I went to their pop-up class and I left feeling inspired and empowered. She's just one of those people that silently owns the room. Don't let her calm nature fool you. Her workout is tough in an amazing way. 

This is Lora!

 I think my favorite part of my Core Power Yoga study was that I always left grounded. I remember distinctly that the instructors encouraged me to start and end my class with a spiritual purpose. I remember an ah-ha moment when I was standing in a tree pose and I just felt grounded in myself. My time in D.C. was one of loneliness and uncertainty and looking back on it I know I gained a lot of clarity from my yoga study. I also had a rocking bod. But, that's neither here nor there. 

I'm excited to have my routine back right here in Kansas City. Will I be seeing you there?