Monday Motivation: 20-20-20

Life is a crazy whirlwind of to-do lists. At least, that's how it has felt for me as of late. Work to-do's, blog to-do's and all of the other meetings, obligations and everything else in between. We are all busy in our own ways. So, when the woman's group at my office had a few guest speakers I of course wanted to go. When they told me I had to close my computer I was instantly filled with shock and fear. But, I obliged and I'm so glad I did. 

One of the women talked about how important it is to make time for herself. At least one hour in each day. But, to make it easier she splits that up into 20 minute increments. And today I am talking about my 20-20-20 plan! 

Each day I want to carve out 20 minutes for mind, 20 minutes for my body, and 20 minutes for my soul. If I can afford to spend more than 20 minutes on any of the 3 then I will. 

Right now my mind, body, and soul need very different things. I have a big trip coming up this week so my needs will be changing. 

But, for my mind I want to read. I picked up Malcom Gladwell's Outliers earlier this year and I think I will start reading that. 

My body 20 is going to be an interesting journey. I ran my first 5K on Saturday and I saw all of these crazy, passionate runners finishing their half and full marathons and I have a crazy inkling to get into this. Or, at the very least run a few more 5K's. I will be incorporating running into my pilates, yoga, and bootcamp workouts. Wish me luck!

My 20 minutes for my soul could be a lot of things. Sometimes my soul needs to be around my friends. Sometimes it just needs a few minutes to itself. I will take this to be a very deep connection each day. Wether it's with myself or my loved ones. 

I am excited to start carving out time for my 20-20-20. What would you spend your 1 hour a day doing? 

And a little reminder for all my kick ass babes out there!