Cheers to 1 year of Blogging!

It feels like just yesterday we were finishing the designs and cranking away at the about page. The 1 year bloggiversary was actually on September 31st. Better late than never, eh? I have learned so much in the last year. I have changed and grown as a person in ways I didn't know I needed and/or could. I have been brought into the amazing blogging community in Kansas City and beyond. I am honored to be here. 

In honor of celebrating 1 year I'm giving an ode to my 12 favorite posts from the last year. I am also taking this time to announce that there will be some pretty big changes coming in the next few months. Obviously, things have changed a lot already with the ending of the blog partnership with C. These changes might start rolling our slowly at first. But, eventually things will be happening in a very different way. The blog is going through an entire rebranding. I have been working very hard on this with my good friend (and the creator of the

North Carolina cocktail

) Susannah of

Feast + West


Garnishing Co.

She is a fabulous branding consultant and designer and she has been instrumental in this process. 

But, back to the fun stuff! 

My 12 favorite posts from the last year

Happy Hour at Julep

This was the very first Happy Hour we went to for the blog. We also paired it with a fashion post for Breast Cancer awareness month. The Happy Hour was fabulous and obviously we had a great bartender that night. 

Royals Fashion

This post is very relevant for this year as well. What I love the most about this is how much my fashion choices have changed in the last year. Also, those nails! I think I had my nails pained royal blue for an entire month. I have NO idea where that tank ran off to but I need to find it ASAP!

This Leather Skirt Post (and all other Cali trip Outfits)

This is still one of my favorite photos. I went to Cali last year to visit my sister and made her and her girlfriend photograph every single outfit for the blog. You can search Cali OOTD and see all of them. But, I still love this leather skirt. This blue wall was one of my favorite finds on that trip, too. I guess I need to go back to Cali. 

Winter Sea Breeze Cocktail

This was the very first cocktail I created for the blog. I don't know why I decided to start creating cocktails but I am SO glad I did. It quickly became my favorite way to express myself on this platform and hey, I had an excuse to try delicious cocktails all the time. I was still living with my parents at the time so their fireplace and Christmas tree made for a great backdrop. You can probably pinpoint the turning point of my passion for blogging to this post. Crazy, huh? 

Tulle Skirt Holiday Outfit

This was the first sponsored post we had. We weren't paid for the post but C and I both received an item from Eshakti in exchange for a blog post. It was exciting. A turning point for the blog. I definitely didn't want to take the offer for granted. I looked up fun background ideas and came up with this idea for a balloon backdrop. It is still one of my favorite indoor photoshoots from the year and yielded in one of my favorite photos of myself. I think this was my Facebook profile photo for a solid 6 months (if not more!). 

Gingerbread Cookie Martini

Another holiday cocktail. This one tested my skills. Brown cocktails are not the easiest to make look appealing. Ya feel me? Still a delicious cocktail. 

Lace Dress For the Holidays

This was one of the WEIRDEST photoshoots I did. I was in my parents basement with an auto timer on my camera snapping away. I kept getting embarrassed because I thought someone was going to come downstairs and ask why I was so dressed up on a random week night and what I was doing. I still laugh thinking about taking these photos. It was a fun shoot non the less and I still love this dress. Who doesn't love a little lace for the holidays?

Winter Coat and Snow

This was my first winter back in the midwest. I hadn't experienced a real snow fall in about 4 years and I was NOT ready for it! But, I was ready to take some awesome photos of one of my favorite cute coats. Hey, take the opportunities as they come! Hopefully this year I wont call my dad crying when I forget how to drive in the snow.... but, it's too soon to tell! 

Happy Hour at Coal Vines

By far this is one of my favorite happy hour posts. But, also one of my favorite ones to go to. And not just because it's right outside my front door. The red sangria is delicious, btw. But, this particular post was an excuse to get some of my favorite lady bloggers together for laughs, drinks, and fun! 

Ginger Tequila Cocktail

This is one of my favorites because it is one of my go-to cocktails. I probably pick up fresh ginger on the regular now because of how much I enjoy sipping on this. It's a little more intense to make but it's refreshing and that more than makes up for it! Also, I love the muscle man ice cubes. I mean, how can you not!?

The Coaster 2 Coaster Series

I probably spend more time working on this series than anything else. There are over 25 cocktails on the blog so far and more to come! I am taking a little bit of a hiatus with this series as I focus on rebranding the blog. Once the new year hits this baby will be back in full swing with the remaining state cocktails. I am still looking for a few bloggers so reach out if you are interested. If your state has already been featured I am working on a round 2 of the series so still feel free to reach out!

Pineapple Coconut Sangria

One of my favorite cocktails and one of my favorite photo shoots. This was so much fun to make and I still enjoy this on the regular. I am a sangria connoisseur so just beware that this will not be the last time there is a sangria recipe on the blog... There will probably be 100's. 

Well, there you have it folks. Things are moving along and I am so excited for what this next year has in store for the blog. I can not wait to reveal the new branding and continue to share recipes, outfits, and more with you all. Thank you for showing up to my little corner of the internet. You are more values than you know.