A Halloween Sangria

If you know me then you know that I LOVE sangrias. I probably say that every time I post a sangria recipe. They are so easy to make, share, and it's pretty hard to mess them up. Ya know?

Maybe some people feel that sangrias are for summer and summer only. But, those people would be wrong. It's easy to make a sangria based off of the autumnal season. And you only need 3 ingredients. So, let's get going!  

Ingredients needed:

Cider, Almond Champagne, Vodka.

If you are feeling fancy and want to rim the glass you can pick up black icing and orange sugar crystals. And, you should because it's the perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

Here's how to make it: 

pour a shot of vodka into a shaker. Add a shot and a half of cider. Shake, pour and then top with your almond champagne! You can large batch this if you are having a party! I prefer to top with champagne at the end still in those circumstances. But, you can pre-mix the cider and vodka. 

Side note:

you can use regular champagne if you can't find it in the almond flavor. But, the almond flavor is amazing and I love it more than I love most people. 

Happy Halloween ghouls and golbins!