5 Reasons to Head to KC Wine Co. This Weekend

I am a wine connoisseur. Even though I am slightly allergic to the sulfates in wine and break out in hives when I drink it. That's dedication. (also, maybe a little dumb but I call it love.) So, when I heard of this new winery in Olathe, KS I knew I had to make a trip out to see what it's all about. 

I of course decided I wanted to make the drive when there was a torrential downpour. The rain was so bad that I almost turned around and went home. But, I didn't. I persisted for the wine and it was 100% worth it. 

If the prospect of wine isn't enough to get you out to the winery (it should be) I've listed out 5 reasons you should head out there this weekend. 

1. You can order a wine flight for $5 

This is also a great way to figure out which is your favorite. I tried one white and 4 reds but was able to try those 5 varieties before ordering an entire glass. 

2. The gorgeous view of the winery

3. They make wine tasting an easy experience for even the newest wine lover

It can be tough to know what you like when you are just starting your adventure with wine. But, when I was at KC Wine Co. they answered all of my questions and more. Even though I usually know what I like it was nice to have someone there. 

4. They are locally owned

While I personally LOVE wine country I love being able to take a day trip (or even an evening trip) to KC Wine Co. to hang with my gals and enjoy some wine. 

5. This sangria slushie

Come rain or shine you should really head out to KC Wine Co! Good wine is only made better by great company so, give me a call if you need a wine drinking buddy!