Must Try Workout: The Bar Method

I have a love hate relationship with working out.

I love the results but hate trying to find the time and motivation to get my butt in shape, literally.

My lack of self motivation in the gym is 100% the reason that I force myself to go to classes led by knowledgeable trainers. Because, let's be honest, I have NO idea what I'm doing. 

This is why I am newly in love with The Bar Method

I moseyed my way over to The Bar Method on the West Plaza the other day and I do NOT regret it. My booty is still a little sore from the workout and I'm working on a way to budget in a membership. Working out is an investment and one that I am more than willing to make. 

What I loved about the class was how it flowed. It's the kind of class where you think

"psh, this is a breeze!"

and then wake up wondering how you are going to make it up three flights of stairs at work. The entire vibe was inspiring and lifting (they don't just lift butts, ladies.) It really had me ready to walk in and give the workout my best effort. It can be really tough to workout when you feel you are being judged so this was a big deal to me.

The sign below says it all.

And if you are still skeptical then you should just go try it out for yourself! They have two locations: Leawood and West Plaza. You just might see me at the West Plaza location! 

Now, I did a little research before heading over on

what to wear

. The website recommended form fitting clothes (specifically pants that covered the knees) and a pair of socks that cover the entire foot. I was nervous about wearing a tight shirt – I'm just not that comfortable with my body right now). So, I was happy when they said my slightly loose fighting shirt was ok. They recommend a form fitting shirt so that they can check your form and correct if needed. I did purchase a pair of their socks while I was there. I wanted the socks that had the grips on the bottom. 

Overall, I had a great experience. I left feeling accomplished and woke up feeling sore.

Need more info or ready to book your class? head on over to

Hope to see you all soon at The Bar Method!