Coaster 2 Coaster: The Oregon Cocktail

Oregon Blackberry Cider Crush

Hi, everyone! I'm Marlynn Schotland, and I am SO excited to be sharing a cocktail here in the Coaster 2 Coaster series that gives you a little taste of my great state of Oregon! 

I'm the adventure/mom/foodie/wine loving chica behind the food + drink + travel blog

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Living in Portland, Oregon, I'm blessed to live just minutes away from farm fresh produce, in the beer capitol of the world (at last check, we still had the most microbreweries per capita than any other city!), and surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous wineries, cool breweries, crafty distilleries, and fun cideries. 

Today I'm honored to be sharing a cocktail that celebrates our crazy love of craft drinks and our summer crowning glory, the mighty marionberry: a cocktail I'm calling the

Oregon Blackberry Cider Crush. 

If you're not familiar with marionberries, they're basically the Oregon-grown cousin to blackberries. They're tart and sweet at the same time, and absolutley divine when eaten fresh off the vine. 

Since marionberries might not be as readily available where you live, the trusty blackberry is an easy substitute. 

This cocktail recipe calls for hard cider, and while there are several Oregon cideries that produce fantastic straight apple ciders and flavored ciders (because we also grow amazing apples here in the Pacific Northwest!), I like using Portland, Oregon-based

Square Mile Cider

in this cocktail. You can use any hard cider that you like, or you can substitute non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider if you wish. 

Oregon Blackberry Cider Crush Cocktail Recipe

INGREDIENTS (makes one serving): 

4-6 fresh marionberries or blackberries plus more for garnish

1 ounce vodka

3 ounces hard cider

3 ounces lemonade

ice cubes


1. Muddle marionberries or blackberries in a glass

2. Add vodka, hard cider, then lemonade. Stir gently with a cocktail spoon - just a swirl around the cup ounce or twice to mix the liquids will do! 

3. Add 2-3 ice cubes.

4. Garnish with more blackberries or marionberries if you wish. 

5. Drink and enjoy!