Coaster 2 Coaster: The Louisiana Cocktail

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I am obsessed with fashion and beauty, and I also love a good cocktail on the weekends!

Beer is a favorite of mine, but sometimes you just need something with a little more punch!

When most people think of Louisiana cocktails, they usually think of New Orleans and the well known Hurricane. The Hurricane was originally concocted at Pat O’Brien’s in the 1940s.

There was a whisky shortage at the time, and in order to buy whisky they were forced by the distributors to purchase rum as well.

Since rum was less popular than whisky, they had to find a tasty drink to entice patrons to drink it, and thus the Hurricane was born.

I bartended for a few years in college, and this is the recipe that I prefer to use at home.

2 ounces Dark Rum

2 ounces Light Rum

1 ounce Lemon Juice

2 ounces of Orange Juice

1 ounce Grenadine

Garnish with an Orange wedge

Pat O’Briens also has its own brand of syrup.

So I’ve provided a recipe using that as well.

2 ounces Dark Rum

2 ounces Light Rum

4 ounces of

Pat O’Briens Hurricane Mix

Garnish with an Orange wedge

Shake, pour over ice and enjoy!