Coaster 2 Coaster: The first 25 state cocktails

Can you believe that 25 state cocktails have come and gone!? Well, it has and today I'm giving you the run down on the first 26 cocktails (2 for Texas). 

Now, get ready to put those purses down, and bottoms up!

Alabama - Fizzy Yellowhammer

The Fizzy Yellowhammer was created by

Meredith from the blog Meredith Noelle.

She updated the classic Alabama game day drink with tropical rum and prosecco. There may be some team rivalries here but, let's put that aside and cheers to a delicious cocktail.

Alaska - The Alaskan Sangria

Kelsey from Pardon My French

told me Alaska has some pretty great wineries (who knew!?). So, I let that inspiration guide me to create a yummy blueberry sangria. Pour over ice and enjoy!

Arizona - Grand Canyon Mule

There are limes and tequila and of course, ginger beer! Put your feet up and take a load off. This refreshing cocktail from

Stacey at Posh In Progress

is a great treat for a relaxing weekend day. 

Colorado - Colorado Lemon Cooler

When in Colorado... you must check out their beer scene!

Carolyn Selheim-Miller of Boxes and Jars

created this lemon beer cocktail that is the perfect way to end a long day at work. 

Georgia - Chatham Artillery Punch

If you've never been to Savannah, Georgia I highly recommend it. That city has a big piece of my heart. But, if you can't make it. Taste a little bit of Savannah history with this cocktail from

Meg and Kelly at Peachtree Roadies


Hawaii -Mai Tai

I hope I don't need to give too much of an introduction to the

Hawaii cocktail from Johnny at Discover the Pepper

. I'll leave it at this: It will make you feel like you are on an island. 

Idaho - The Boise Blue

Inspired by sports, the state fruit, and local agriculture. The Idaho cocktail from the ladies at

Trois Chic

is a refreshing concoction that will please!

Iowa - The Tipsy Traveler

Made with a vodka that is proven to leave you with less of a hangover the next day, just means you can have twice as many. Right?

Eleni from Miscelenious

is to thank for the vodka recommendation and the recipe! 

Kansas - The Flint Hills Cooler

This recipe from

Lori at Born In Heels

yields enough to share with a friend...or 5! So, grab your friends and cheers to Kansas.

Kentucky - Watermelon Bourbon Slushie

Watermelon and bourbon come together to create something truly magical.

Paige from My Modern Cookery

definitely gave Kentucky a good name in this series!

Maryland - The Black Eyed Susan

The official drink of the Preakness Stakes is brought to us by

Lauren from A Nerd Cooks

. All that's missing is a big floppy hat.

Minnesota - The Honeycrisp Apple Cocktail

The Honeycrisp apple was created at the University of Minnesota which inspired

Lindsey from The Curly Diaries

to create this cocktail! 

Mississippi - Mississippi Mint Lemonade

Bourbon, mint, and honey make this amazing Mississippi cocktail from

Laurel of The Hive.

Missouri - The Missouri Mule

The one that started it all! A beer cocktail that has a kick of flavor!

Montana - Huckleberry Mule

Another day another delicious mule cocktail to enjoy!

Jenn from Near and Far Montana

created a delicious mule that you will quickly add to your favorites! 

Nebraska - The Nebraskan

Never did I think I'd be able to enjoy a cocktail based off of the great vegetable, corn. Thanks to

Jay and Leah of The GastroNom Blog

I did and you should if you haven't already!

New Jersey - Space Cadet & Breakfast of Champions

Two great cocktails for one great state!

North Carolina - Peach Tea Old Fashioned

Susannah of Feast + West

created a truly magnificent North Carolina cocktail! Everything you love about tea with a great addition of peaches and whiskey. 

Ohio - Ohio Trail Mixer

The Ohio Trail Mixer from 

Erin at The Spiffy Cookie

. is a little nutty with a note of fruity flavor.

Oklahoma - The Farmers Daughter

Irene from The OP Life

was inspired by the classic Broadway musical, Oklahoma while creating this cocktail!

Oregon - Oregon Blackberry Cider Crush

Marlynn from Urban Bliss Life

created a cocktail that celebrated Oregon's love of craft drinks and their summer crowning glory, the mighty marionberry. 

Rhode Island - The Rhody Mary

Without a doubt the best Bloody Mary you will ever feast on! Because,

Holly of Holly Likes To Cook

basically created a meal in a cocktail glass. Hey, that's how I like my Bloodies. 

South Carolina - Jack Rudy Cocktail Company's KY 75

The best parts of gin and tonic and champagne come together in this amazing cocktail. Tarah of Blanc Blog created this celebratory cocktail with a twist. 

Texas (part 1) - The TX Wildflower

Texas is known for many things but

Jamie of Surrounded By Weirdos

let the Wildflowers shine in this cocktail!

Texas (part 2) - The Lady Bird

A twist on the Mexican Martini this cocktail from Meredith of Cake & Confetti will have you coming back for seconds!  

Utah - Salt Lake Summer Savoir

Local Gold Rum and Chelsea's herb garden inspired this delicious Utah cocktail.  

Want In On the Fun? 

I'm still looking for a few amazing bloggers to let their state shine in cocktail form! Leave a comment or email me ( if you are interested! 

(Arkansas - Connecticut - Delaware -  Illinois - Indiana - Maine - Massachusetts - Michigan - Nevada - New Hampshire - New Mexico - Mew York - North Dakota - Pennsylvania - South Dakota - Vermont - Virginia - Washington - West Virginia - Wyoming - Washington D.C. )