Coconut Mojito

I am clearly having a love affair with the LaCroix coconut flavored sparkling water. I'm ok with that. And, if you love a refreshing mojito as much as I do, then you will LOVE this recipe! 

Today's post goes a little beyond just a cocktail recipe and doubles as an introduction to my number one man: Mojito the cat. 

**Please note that I did NOT let my cat drink the mojito.**

Mojito is about 14 weeks old and was about 3.1 pounds when these photo was taken. He's growing a little every day and he's a feisty little fella. I had been wanting to adopt a cat for a while now. I had been paying the cat deposit on my apartment since January but just hadn't made the jump yet. Until, my coworker said they were going to have to send him back to the farm. 

Say whaaaat!? No way was I going to let that happen. So, I took little Mojito home and I haven't looked back since. He makes me excited to go home and my days a little brighter. It's rewarding to be in charge of a little life and I can already tell you, adopting Mojito is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

So, let's celebrate Mojito with a coconut flavored mojito! 


4-6 Mint leaves

1 can of La Croix Coconut Water

1-2 shots of Vodka


Muddle mint leaves in a tall glass. Pour in desired amount of vodka and top with LaCroix Sparkling coconut water. Stir and Enjoy! 

Purses down, bottoms up!