Coaster 2 Coaster: The South Carolina Cocktail

If you've ever been to the South you know it's full of charm. If you've ever been to Charleston, South Carolina then you've seen charm and beauty at it's finest. Tarah, is no different. And, she brings us an amazing cocktail to represent South Carolina:

Jack Rudy Cocktail Company's KY 75

A lady of the South knows that a glass of champagne can revamp any overcooked salmon, bad hair day, or ugly bridesmaid dress. A true Chicagoan knows that you don't mess with a classic gin and tonic. I know the best of both worlds. 

Hey fashionistas, I'm Tarah, the creative mind behind Blanc – a lifestyle blog for professional newcomers. As a city girl turned southern, I know how to mesh design elements of the traditional south with a chic city flare. Blanc drives in on this flare by exploring how to style the perfect bar cart, how to DIY like a designer, and ultimately, how to elevate your lifestyle on a post-graduate budget. 

Today I've prepared for you one of my personal favorites created here in Charleston, South Carolina. It's a celebratory cocktail with a twist! 

Jack Rudy Cocktail Company's KY 75:

In a shaker with ice, combine:

1.25 oz Gin

.75 oz Jack Rudy Tonic

Strain into a champagne flute and top with champagne. 

Add a lemon twist if you please!

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Cheers, loves!