Coaster 2 Coaster: The New Jersey Cocktail

Kevin is taking us on a wild ride today with TWO New Jersey cocktail! For a small state these cocktails are packing a punch! 

Space Cadet & Breakfast of Champions

What's up Fashionistas!? I'm Kevin Lauter representing New Jersey by way of "Verve: in Somerville, NJ. A little bit about me: I'm a beverage super geek (1 pat Cacha


a, 2 parts weird, 1 part shenanigans: STIR/STRAIN/REPEAT). 

The inspiration behind these cocktails comes from the bounty of the "Garden State" in the height of its harvest. I'm talking about the roadside pop-up farm markets that we all stop sort for on the side of the road just to bring to the table of our favorite company. Hot summer days deserve the light and refreshing characteristics of the "Space Cadet" and its locally sourced ripe ingredients (yellow watermelon, cucumber, lime, etc.: recipe and instructions below). 

And when you wake up the next day in a food and booze coma no better way to satisfy "the hair of the dog" than to indulge in a "Breakfast of Champions" (egg whites, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, coarsely cracked black pepper, etc: recipe and instructions below). Please check out and follow my cocktail obsession both through Instagram: "@aquaemortis" and my Facebook "Kevin Lauter". Slainte! 

"Space Cadet" (drink on the left)

1 quarter eight inch thick muddled jalapeño coin 

8 thinly sliced muddled cucumber coins

2oz Cachaca

1 oz "Verve" yellow watermelon puree

.5oz "Verve" rosemary/pink peppercorn syrup

.5 oz fresh lime juice

shake/strain into an old fashioned glass with shaped mandolined cucumber garnish and ice sphere. 

"Breakfast of Champions" (drink on the right)

1 fresh egg white

1 oz 1 year "Verve" barrel aged Old Tom gin

.75 oz Creme de Pamplemousse

.5 oz "Verve" lavender/black ground peppercorn syrup

.5 oz lemon juice

Dry shake/add ice and vigorously shake/strain into a coupe glass. Heart shaped allspice bitters and coarse cracked pepper garnish. 

Follow along with Kevin, and feel free to ask him any questions regarding consultation for cocktails, training and education, or bar operations and build out logistics. 

Kevin J. Lauter Jr. 

Instagram: @aquaemortis

Bartender @ Verve

NJ "Iron Shaker" Finalist 2015

"NJ Best Cocktail Bar" 2015 (

Sommerville, NJ