Coaster 2 Coaster: The Georgia Cocktail

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We have a serious love affair with the south, especially Georgia, and although we live to travel - we know there is no place like home! We wanted our cocktail to reflect just that - a little bit of adventure and a big dose of southern charm.

We would like to present (drumroll please...) the Chatham Artillery Punch! This powerful punch is full of history and tradition - just like many of our beautiful cities in Georgia.

It was concocted by Georgia’s oldest military unit, the Chatham Artillery, an all-volunteer regiment founded in 1786 and originally served in large horse buckets during festive celebrations. But don’t be fooled by the odd container, this drink is fit for Presidents, including James Monroe, who first enjoyed it in 1819. We think you will enjoy it as well, but beware…it is said that Chatham Artillery Punch possesses a kick greater than the two brass cannons presented to the Chatham Artillery by George Washington.


there are many different version of this cocktail, but we are sharing a recipe very close to the original from Damon Lee Fowler, author of the Savannah Cookbook and also published in Garden and Gun, an amazing southern glossy magazine.

Chatham Artillery Punch Makes 25 servings

2 ounces of green tea leaves (or 6 green tea bags)

4 large lemons

1/2 pound turbinado or light brown sugar

1 quart dark rum

1 quart brandy

1 quart rye or bourbon whiskey (I used a


from my other hometown - Columbus, Ohio!)

3 bottles champagne (I used prosecco)

Soak the tea leaves 8 hours or overnight in a quart of cold water. Strain the liquid from the leaves into a large container that will hold all the spirits (use wooden, porcelain, or glass; do not use plastic or metal). Note: I (Meg) took a shortcut here and used tea bags - but you do you! Juice 3 lemons through a strainer into the tea and add the sugar, stirring until it is dissolved.

Stir in the brandy...

and the bourbon...

and the rum...

Cover this liquid gold and let it stand at room temperature for at least 8 hours.


your horse buckets are ready

you're ready to get the party started add lemon slices to taste and add 6 cups of the base for every bottle of champagne or prosecco. And, if you're like me, you need to taste test the bubbles first!

Finally, pour the cocktail in a mason jar over ice and enjoy on a front porch swing (and let us know what you think!)