Coaster 2 Coaster: The Alaska Cocktail

Today I bring you an alaskan inspired sangria. 

First, you must meet

Kelsey from Pardon My French


She's adorable, sweet, and helped point me in the right direction to create the Alaska sangria. 

First I will let Kelsey tell you all about her favorite Alaskan winery and then there's a delicious recipe at the end. Enjoy! 

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! And in Alaska that means I'm drinkin' wine! I was so excited when I was asked me to guest post, and thought it would be fun to show a hidden gem that resides in Alaska. Some might think that beer is the drink of choice for Alaskans, and they just might be right, but there is a winery in Homer, AK that is serving up the holy grail of fruit infused wines! A winery in the tundra? Say what?? 

Set on a hillside in the gorgeous town of Homer, AK, this small winery is what wine dreams are made of. Family owned and a favorite by the locals! We have been visiting this place every summer since we moved to Alaska, and I can't help but stock up on the bottles we can't find in our local stores in Anchorage. 

Their gardens are picturesque, and to think this is where they used to grow all their own fruit for their wines. Now this garden plays a small but significant part as local growers now also contribute to the fruit demand to make these wines! There are so many different kinds, but true to Alaskan form my favorite is the blueberry. Followed closely by the strawberry rhubarb. And who better to turn it over to than the girl behind 5 O'Clock Fashionistas to give you an Alaskan inspired sangria!! 

Try out the recipe below, or give it that last frontier flare by grabbing a bottle of Bear Creek while you're at it!

The recipe is pretty simple and takes about a second to make. It's delicious and easy to share (Or not. No judgement here).


A dry red wine (preferably a Bear Creek wine but if you are like me you may be too anxious to wait for the mail man to deliver your wine)

Blueberry Vodka

Vodka (non flavored)

Fresh Blueberries

Cranberry Juice (or alternate juice of your liking)


Pour the entire bottle of wine into a pitcher

Add a few splashes of blueberry vodka and non flavored vodka (the more the merrier but probably 1 part blueberry to 2 parts regular. Especially if you are already using the delicious blueberry flavored wine from Bear Creek)

Add about 3-5 cups of cranberry juice (my personal favorite juice to use with sangria)

Sprinkle in a few blueberries for a delicious treat when you finish your glass. 

Last but not least... ENJOY! 

Grab your girls, make some dinner, sit down to watch The Bachelorette...You really can't go wrong! 

There isn't a bad time or place to enjoy the Alaska Sangria. Might I even suggest keeping the ingredients on hand so that you can enjoy sangria while sitting in your tornado shelter? (This may only apply to the folks in tornado alley but I mean... if we are going to have to endure the pain that is waiting out the sirens then we may as well get to enjoy a delicious sangria while we are at it).

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