Brunch at Zocalo on the Plaza

My favorite saying from

Matt Bellassai

 is: Brunch is A Battle. And, it is. My new favorite brunch spot,


, is one you will want to go to tomorrow right at 11 am when they start serving! 

Finding a bottomless brunch is not an easy feat. Finding a bottomless brunch that lets you switch between 6 cocktails for $9 bucks?! That's even harder to find. But, look no farther. Because, you can go to Zocalo every Saturday and Sunday and partake in this battle. 

Don't worry. They serve food too. 

Pictured above is the

Bloody Maria

. Similar to a

Bloody Mary

but made with a jalapeno tequila. Delicious, spicy, and the perfect hangover cure. My goal for this brunch was to make it through all 6 cocktails. Sadly, they ran out of champagne and then cut off the brunch early (at 2:30 even though it's advertised until 3. So, I was only able to make it through 3. 

I will be going back and try all 6 in one sitting. It's not a heroic feat but I feel the need to do it. And, since I can basically crawl back to my apartment from Zocalo it seems pretty doable. 

The food was good. I got the chilaquiles which are basically delicious breakfast nachos.

Thank you, Zocalo for making my dreams come true. 

Back to the important part – the cocktails. 

I was able to squeeze in one


. It was good. Your basic mimosa. It had a little too much OJ for my taste – I'm more of a 1/5th OJ 4/5ths champagne kind of girl – but this was when they were running out of champagne. So, I will throw them a bone on this one. 

The third drink I was able to try was the


. It is a really refreshing drink. It taste almost like a bloody mary but made with soda water. Which, is NOT at all what it is.

Just try it.

If you don't like it there's no money lost because you can just immediately order the next cocktail of choice and move on to win the battle that is brunch. 

Make sure you get there early because the impromptu 2:30 shut down was a really sad way to end our trip there. I still recommend going and trying all of them. I will make my way back for the


and the