3 LA Spots You Must Try

I have to admit that I'm I haven't always been the biggest fan of LA. I have my reasons but I won't bore you with them. My job takes me out there every once in a while. My sister, Alyson, lives there too so I try and make it out there to see her when I can. So, when I knew I had this business trip coming up I decided that I would fly out a few days early so that I could hang out with my sister before getting to work Monday and Tuesday. 

Today, I'm talking about 3 of my favorite places in LA that are sure to please. 

The Malibu Winery

Ok, so maybe this one isn't exxxactly in LA. But, it's not too far and it's worth the drive. I went back in November when I was in LA and told my sister we had to go again, no ifs ands or buts. The outfit below is from my first trip to the winery.

Click here to check out that post.

What you will want to do is pack a picnic and bring a blanket. Grab cheese, sandwiches, crackers, chocolate, etc! 

The day we went was a pretty hot day so we drank mostly the white wine. My friend Pedro came and he loves dessert wine so we tried both the red and white dessert wine as well. Both sweet but amazing with the chocolate we brought with us!

You may luck out and get a table that has an umbrella. We had been running a little late so we had a little picnic set up on the ground. Which, is amazing too. Bring folding chairs if you don't want to sit on the ground! 

we clearly had a great time finishing off some amazing bottles of wine while in amazing company. 

Laurel Hardware

This place came recommended from my coworker and did NOT disappoint. The food is served tapas style so my boss and I ordered a few different things and split them all. They have a great craft cocktail menu. We both ordered something called The Gangster - which I highly recommend! 

Everything about the place is amazing. From the outside it looks like a weird hardware store. But, the inside is well decorated. The bar is amazing and there is an outdoor area that gets booked quickly (so make a reservation and ask to be seated outside). 

Go hungry and you will leave happy!

Stir Market

This was a cute little place next to my office. It was convenient for coffee and breakfast (and even lunch one day). If you go you MUST try the ricotta toast (I think it's labeled fresh fruit toast). It is amazing. I saw my boss get it the first day and I was green with envy. Don't get my wrong, my avocado toast was delicious but the ricotta toast is something I think about almost daily. 

Inside the store they have flowers, and a mixture of fun packaged foods that you can buy. If you are in the neighborhood of West Hollywood and need a snack, meal, coffee, ginger gum, coffee gum, flowers.... 

Whatever excuse you need to make to get yourself into Stir market! 

What are your favorite spots in LA?