Coaster 2 Coaster: The Ohio Cocktail

Another Thirsty Thursday is here, and we have just the cocktail to cure your libation needs!

This week we bring you the Ohio cocktail from the lovely

Erin over at The Spiffy Cookie. 

Without further adieu, we present the 

Ohio Trail Mixer Cocktail

Hello there! My name is Erin and I am the mastermind behind The Spiffy Cookie, but don't let the name fool you, because there's more than just recipes for cookies and baked goods on my blog. To prove it, I am here today sharing a cocktail recipe inspired by the nutty state of Ohio. The state nut is the buckeye, but unfortunately does not lend itself to eating. While I considered creating a peanut butter and chocolate cocktail inspired by the popular candy resembling the shape and color of a buckeye nut, I decided to get a little more creative with a cocktail based around nut-flavored elements in the form of amaretto and black walnut bitters. And bourbon, because bourbon rocks. 

Of course, the state of Ohio is also often known for THE Ohio State University, whose mascot happens to also be the buckeyes. Being my alma matter and my current employer I have quite a bit of buckeye pride and in order to honor one of the school colors (scarlet) I also added some strawberry jam to the mix to give it a nice red tint. All of the flavors mixed together result in a nutty yet slightly fruity cocktail. Perfect for the summertime!

Recipe (makes 1 cocktail)

1-1/2 ounces bourbon

1 ounce amaretto

1 Tablespoon strawberry jam

1 sprig of thyme, plus more for garnish

2 dashes of black walnut bitters

Ice cubes

Club soda

Fresh strawberry, for garnish


1. Add all of the ingredients except club soda to a mixing glass and fill with ice. 

2. Shake until mixed and strain into a cocktail glass. Top it off with club soda. 

3. Garnish with a prig of thyme and a strawberry, if desired. 

Girls night in, anyone? 

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Don't let the name fool you, there's more than just recipes for cookies and baked goods! Erin, who is the mastermind behind

The Spiffy Cookie

, loves experimenting in the kitchen with old and new recipes that range from sweet to savory and indulgent to healthy. As a result, you will find something for everyone!

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