5 Tips For Dressing A man By A Man

We see them, probably, every day. 

And we can't live with them but we can't live without them. 


And sometimes we just


the way they dress. Some men are born with the genes to good fashion and the others just don't really care. 

So, we sat down with our good friend – Trey. 

This is Trey. He's 27 and he probably spends more time shopping than we do combined. His outfit choices are very calculated in a precise manner and his sass is always on point as well. 

He's here today to help us, help men. 

1. Always Keep It Simple

2. Mix one trend at a time with classic pieces. Too many trends at one time makes you look like you're trying too hard. 

3. Always, Always iron. And when you think the wrinkles are out – iron again. 

4. Buy and wear clothes that fit. Especially suits. Your tailor should be your best friend. 

5. Buy items that you can mix. You don't want all of your Instagram photos to be of you in the same outfit!

Bonus Tip: 

SHOES. Seriously, pick your shoes wisely and have more than one pair. No one wants to see your nice outfit ruined by your running shoes. 

And lastly, the most attractive outfit you can ever wear is CONFIDENCE. Always be comfortable with what you wear and who you are.

 There you have it. The morale of the story is that you need to leave the house looking put together. Say goodBYE to the days of frumpy t-shirts and ill fitting clothes. Say hello to a closet full of nice clothes that make you look like you have it together -

even if you feel like you don't! 

As women we always want our men to look put together.