5 Tips For Your Next Business Trip

Traveling for work can be as painless as you want it to be.

 I recently went on my first business trip and now I'm here to tell you all about it to make sure your business trip goes as smoothly as possible! 

1. Do NOT check a bag

Pack light.

 This is not a girls weekend trip to Vegas where you might be changing outfits 5 times a day. Bonus points if your outfit from day one has pieces that you can wear for day two. If you have the type of job where it's acceptable to wear jeans - do it and then pack a few different shirt options. 1-3 pairs of shoes is all you need.

And honestly, 3 might be too many. 

Shoes you'll need:

1. Comfortable walking shoes for the airport

2. A nice pair of heels just in case (bonus if your comfy shoes are your nice shoes)

3. Tennis shoes if you are ambitious and dedicated to working out

So what should you pack? 

Versatile outfits: One pair of jeans. 3 shirts. 1 skirt or nice outfit alternative. 3 shoes. Something to sleep in. Something to work out in (again this is optional). 

This list is even a little long for my liking. But, it is what I packed and I wore everything but 1 pair of shoes, the skirt, and 1 of the shirts. I did not check my bag and I refuse to do so unless absolutely necessary.

Baggage claim takes way too long and you have business to attend to so don't waste your coworkers and your companies time on waiting for the bag. 

2. Use your Airplane time Wisely

Prep the day before or in the airport for work you can get done on the plane without internet. If you feel comfortable expensing for internet and you actually have emails and internet based work to do, go for it (or foot the bill yourself). Coffee can get you through the long day but sleeping won't get you anywhere. Take a quick power nap when they make you turn off electronics for landing. 

Long story short: Be productive on the plane.

3. Freshen Up Quickly

For my particular trip we went straight to work after getting off the plane. This is probably pretty typical. So, we didn't get to our hotel until 5:30 pm. Our dinner plans were at 6. 

How to energize, organize, and freshen up in less than 30 minutes:

1. Hang up any clothes that may wrinkle

2. Make coffee - it's generally free and right there in your hotel room

3. Splash your face, cover your under eye circles and mist your body with a fresh smelling perfume or body spray. 

3. Chug the coffee and go get back to business! 

These were my ESSENTIALS on this trip. The

Day Cream

kept my face fresh, the

Smashbox primer

kept my face as oil free as possible the

NARS canceler

helped big time with the huge tired under eye circles I had going on and the

Kate Spade Walk On Air perfume

helped me to smell fresh and clean after a LONG day. 

 4. Drink Responsibly

When you're at dinner everyone will most likely be drinking. Drink slowly. (Especially if you're messing with a new altitude like I was in Colorado). Again, this is not a girls vacay trip for fun. This is for work. Enjoy yourself but make sure you know your limit. 

5. Stay Connected & Up To Date With All Work

I think the hardest thing about traveling for work is that you lose valuable time that could be focused on other work just to walk, drive, be on a plane, etc. Make sure you are prepared. Having an OOO email does not mean you can ignore your other day to day responsibilities. Save yourself the headache and find time over the weekend or on the plane to get little things out of the way. While you want to be focused on the reason for your travel work to find the balance. Delegate if possible, prioritize when necessary, do what needs to be done to get your work done. 

No one will notice if you get everything done while traveling but they will notice if you fail to get everything done while traveling. They might cut you some slack but don't rely on that. Just get it done! Be the awesome Boss Lady (or man) that we know you can be!

Have fun & kick ass. You're gonna do great!