Refreshing Ginger Tequila Cocktail

Ok, we all love a good margarita. But sometimes, a marg is just a little too much. 

In comes our new libation: 

A Refreshing Ginger Tequila cocktail.

My favorite part of this cocktail is the use of fresh ginger. 

1. It smells AMAZING.

2. Fresh ingredients are always a plus.

You can easily find ginger in the grocery store. It's usually in the fresh produce section and looks like this ^. 

So, that leads us into


Slice up the ginger (give them a generous thickness. If they are too thin they won't muddle up as well). Get out as much of the fresh ginger juice as possible. It doesn't need to be an overwhelming amount of juice. Just get what you can and leave the ginger in the shaker. 


Add ice, 1 shot of tequila, 1/2 a shot of pineapple juice and 1 shot of grapefruit juice. 


Shake shake shake. Shake shake shake. Shake your shaker.....

Ok, I'm sorry. Please stay. 

But really... Shake that stuff up good. 


And then pour!

Voila, you're done! 

Add a piece of candied ginger to the rim and


To sum it up:

This drink is delicious.

There's no single ingredient that overpowers the others. They mix together in harmony and are maybe a little too easy to drink ;) (So enjoy safely please).

For fun we played around with this silly ice cube tray I picked up at Paper Source.... 

Because, who doesn't want a flexing muscle man in their cocktail? 

 What you'll need: 


Pineapple Juice

Grapefruit Juice


Fresh Ginger

Champagne Flute

Purses Down, Bottoms Up!

J & C