KC Brunch at Coal Vines

A few months ago we wrote up a


eview of the Happy Hour at Coal Vines

. To sum it up we loved the happy hour and we equally adore their brunch. 

The first thing you need to know is that you can get a pitcher of mimosas for $12! 

So, your decision on what to drink is basically made for you. You can even switch up the flavors. They have orange, raspberry, peach, and strawberry (at least we think those are the 4 flavors - we are 99% sure!). 

Our gracious waitress put up with us and we tried a couple different mixtures: orange raspberry, peach strawberry... you get the gist. 

As always, the food was superb! Now, we are split on wether or not we like the menu choices for Brunch. While the food is delicious we surely do miss our favorite brunch meal of biscuits and gravy. 

But, you know, sometimes it's good to step out of the norm and try something different for brunch. Because, really brunch is just an amazing meal and we are all really there for the mimosas, aren't we?

And maybe some of us just decide that it's Sunday and we want a margherita pizza because we can. 

P.S. that margarita pizza was the second best decision we made all weekend.... next to the mimosas of course. 

Stop on by Coal Vines this weekend. We promise you won't be upset! Try the mimosas, the pizza, or whatever you want! Their brunch goes until 3 so you have plenty of time to sleep in, get in a workout, and then enjoy a delicious brunch that's sure to be full of laughter and fun.