Brunch At Classic Cup

If there's one thing we can agree on it's that we LOVE brunch. 

Over the past few weeks we've had many friends tell us that we had to try the brunch at 

Classic Cup

.  So, last Sunday we walked on over to enjoy what we believed to be an amazing brunch. 

In an effort to be honest and build trust with you all we have to say that we were pretty disappointed by this brunch. The restaurant seemed a little low staffed as we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table when plenty were open (it was about 10:30 am). 

One of our silverware roles still had food stuck to it, which is never appetizing. Now, I know from working in a restaurant it probably went through the washer and just didn't get polished. But, someone has to roll that silverware, so the lack of care or attention to that is not great. It's generally one of the first things you open, and is a bad foot to start off on. 

The mimosas were about $6. Now, I had just been told that week that you could get a pitcher of mimosas at Coal Vines for $12 so I was kind of sad that I paid half of that for one mimosa. As good as any brunch mimosa I've ever had - but $6 is a little steep for basic champagne and OJ, am I right? 

I can go to GranFalloon and get a well vodka and soda for $4 or $5.

There are of course more expensive places that serve even more expensive mimosas for brunch so in retrospect, $6 isn't so bad. 

Maybe it was just because everyone had talked the restaurant up so much, but we really weren't blown away by our food. Well, pancakes are hard to mess up, so we have no complaints there! But we also had the Smoked Turkey Hot Browns, which was probably where the downhill started. The eggs and potatoes and bacon were all fab but the rest of the meal was just dry and the cheese sauce was bland. 

Now, I will say that I went to the Classic Cup for a dinner a few weeks ago and it was DELICIOUS. So,  I'm sure it was just a bad luck day to hit up such a wonderful spot on the KC Plaza. It may take a few weeks, but we'll make sure to try out the Classic Cup again sometime. 

Have you ever eaten at the Classic Cup? Let us know!