KC Happy Hour at Coal Vines

What do you get when you put 4 bloggers at one delicious Happy Hour? 

You get a good time. 

(Wild conversations not included in this post)

One thing that makes getting to happy hours difficult is that they usually end at 6. 

Um, hello, work ends at 5, and as much as I want to risk my job for a cheap, delicious beverage with my closest gal pals, it's just not easy. 

HALLELUJAH because Coal Vines has Happy Hour prices until 7. 

Thank you, Happy Hour lords, for looking out for the working girls. 

Ali of Alexandria Hope Styling on the left and Mollie of Mollie Bellezza on the right. 

C and I met up with 2 other KC bloggers (see caption above for their links - they're fabulous) and had a go of it. We're pretty sure we had the maximum amount of fun that a Wednesday allows, but we pushed the limits. 

The pizzas are big, so we split the White Special and added pepperoni.


We also split the bruschetta and meatballs from the Happy Hour menu before our pizza. 

Don't hate us, but we forgot to get a real picture of their happy hour menu with prices, but drinks range from 3-7 and apps are 4-6. Not bad, eh? We all got red sangrias and they were delish! 

They taste as good as they look, if not better!

We also got a creme brule while we were there (Thanks Coal Vines!), but in all honesty, we dug in before anyone could get a picture. Hey, that's how you know it was delicious! 

We indulged in a little bit of Prosecco when happy hour ended because, why not?

This picture sums up our entire night. 

A much needed girls happy hour after a busy and stressful day at work. 

Thanks to Mollie and Ali for joining us (and Ali's rommate Jordan for keeping up with our crazy). 

What would we do without our girls?

Purses Down, Bottoms Up