Happy Hour at McCoys

Today we are brining you a classic Westport location. 

McCoys Public House! 

If you're looking for a good special this place always seem to have something! 

Their normal happy hour is Monday-Friday 3-6 PM

$1 off McCoys pints / well drinks

$2 off house cabernet / chardonay / champagne

$3 off beer pretzels / bangers & mash

$4 off Butcher Board / Hummus / Artichoke Dip / Skillet Dip / Fung-dido

Sunday - Thursday 10pm - close they have

$1 off McCoy's pints and well drinks 

$2 off house cabernet / chardonay / champagne

On top of the regular Happy Hours, they also have daily specials. We went last Sunday for a quick stop, and they were having $8 pitchers of beer! (We did not partake in this, but we almost did!)

It was one of those lunch/dinners that you end up talking so long you have to keep telling the server "one more second" because you haven't even opened your menu (sorry mister!).

When we finally did it order it was delicious! C got the burger and I got some delicious wings (I'm a wing connoisseur, so this will probably happen a lot). 

We're leaving this short and sweet for your Friday with this one simple message: 

Go to McCoys! 

It's especially great if you are wanting to have dinner with some friends and then go out in Westport!