Kansas City Brunch at Gram & Dun

Brunch might be the best way to start the day. Seriously, don't you agree? 

Good food, coffee, delicious cocktails, and good company all before noon – usually...maybe.... we don't judge. 

One place we love to go isGram & Dun

It ranges in the $$ range but is worth it. We like this spot for at least two reasons: 

1. Delicious food

2. It makes us feel fancy

We both went with the B.N.B, also known as biscuits and gravy, which we firmly believe is a must-have for all brunches.

Delicious is a word that doesn't do it justice. 

The potatoes were AMAZING. The best breakfast potatoes I've ever had. 

It may have been snowy while we were there, but we know that the sun is coming out, and we can't wait to sit next to these fires and enjoy their happy hour, which we hear is also great. 

It was a Sunday well spent, and we can't wait to enjoy their biscuits and gravy again.