Cocktails As Easy As 1, 2, 3

We aren't kidding, guys. 

There is a simple way to have delicious drinks with a few pours, a shake, and a splash. 

But first:

there are a few things you need to always have on hand.

One of the things I love to do is host. Friends, family, parties, you name it. I love to be known as a great hostess. Part of owning that title is being able to make anyone's favorite drink without notice. This isn't something everyone strives for, but the fact that I don't have bourbon and cherries on hand right now to make my dad a Manhattan if he comes over gives me anxiety! 

My Liquor Must Haves: 

1. Red & white wine- it's easy and great for sharing, but I never know if I want red or white until I'm ready to open the bottle. Better to be safe than sorry. 

2.Vodka- used in SO many drinks. You can't go wrong. 

3.Tequila- It's my favorite and my go-to. Plus, who doesn't love an impromptu margarita night? 

4.Champagne- Great for celebrations, or to add fizz to any drink.

5.Whisky/Bourbon- I don't personally drink these, but rule number 1 of being a great hostess is being ready to please your guests! It's not going to go bad anyway, so go ahead, buy the bottle. The occasion will present itself. 

My Mixer Must Haves:

1.Soda Water or Tonic- or sprite, or ginger ale, or even a bottle of champagne. Something that can add fizz and bubbles to any drink. Pick one liquor and one mixer and you are set. 

2.Margarita Mix- Seriously, you never know. Plus, they're delicious and even better in the summer!

3.Juice- I like to keep at least one kind of juice on hand at any moment. It's great for mimosas, as well as a simple, delicious mixer for any drink.

So now that you have everything you need on hand... let's make some drinks!

The Slutty Sangria

Grab your vodka, juice, white wine (or red), and champagne. 

Pour 2 shots of vodka, half a shot of juice, and half a shot of wine into a mixer. 


Pour into your glass. Top with a splash of champagne. 


(Make this to taste. It is meant to be slutty... and by that, I mean fast and easy) 

Spiked Coffee

Ok, come on... this one is easy as pie. Grab anything sweet from your liquor stash. 

We chose some Rumchata we had left over from winter drinks. Pour to taste in your coffee and enjoy. 

We weren't lying when we said as easy as 1, 2, 3. As long as you have a semi-stocked liquor cabinet, you have the ability to make a fun and easy drink that is just as delicious. 

So put those purses down, and bottoms up, babes!


J & C