Apartment Decorating: Kitchen and Dining Room

I've been in my apartment a little over a month now, and I can tell you it's far from finished. I have to constantly remind myself that I can't go into West Elm

because if I can't pay rent I won't have an apartment to decorate. 

Nonetheless, I'm slowly but surely making my 700 square feet apartment a home. 

The kitchen and dining room are the smallest areas in my apartment. Smallest means easiest to decorate. With small rooms like this it really is the small things that matter.

Never underestimate the small details. I chose two colors for an overall apartment feel: teal and gold. 

I lucked out with great storage in my dining room and kitchen so I was able to turn my dining room storage into my liqueur cabinet:

We even wrote about liqueur cabinet essentials. 

Now, there are a few tips I'll throw out to you lovelies. 

1. Pick a simple color palette that easily allows for fun additions. 

2. Go simple with the big pieces and accessorize. 

3. Fake flowers and cute signs go a long way. 

This will probably not be the last time you see my kitchen and dining room. There is surely more and more and more I want to add (as you can probably tell if you follow us along on Pinterest). But now I need to move on to the rest of the apartment. 

Then, I'll be back. 

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