3 Ways to Use A Tumbler Infuser

Whoa, have we been ghosts,or what!?

I know you guys missed us. Have no fear... we are BACK.

This has been a busy 2015 for us! We've been so busy with new jobs, new apartments, and trying to get out of that comfy holiday slump.

(Our "comfy holiday slump" lasted a month... no shame)

We're excited to be back at blogging with fresh eyes, and new goals. We're going to have lots of new things coming up, so let's kick it off with this:

3 Ways to use a tumbler infuser. 

1.The Obvious- infused water 

With these cups, you can EASILY take your plain water to the next level. Our number 1 choice here was cucumber-mint water. It was the easiest way to relive the water they serve at the fancy yoga studios. Maybe it's just us, but that water must have a special calming power in it! 

Ingredients: Cucumber & Mint

2. The Not-as-Obvious- Personal Sangria 

Picture this... It's Monday night. You've got plans to curl up on the couch and watch the Bachelor with your girlfriends, so naturally, you need something fun to drink. You can fit half a bottle of wine in these cups, which makes guilty pleasure TV-watching so easy!

Grab a bottle of your favorite red or white, and add some delicious fruits for flavor.


Your very own personal Sangria.

Ingredients: Oranges and Raspberries

3. The Not-Obvious - Infused Vodka

Looking for a way to flavor your boring vodka for the night? Are you a lover of vodka water, but you're wanting to add a little flavor to it? We have your answer! Infused vodka or infused vodka water is made easy with the infuser cup.

Ingredients: Lime and Lemon

- Water - Vodka - Wine -

We came up with our three favorites... what are yours? 



// The infuser tumblers c/o L&Z Inc. However, all ideas are our own here!  //