Winter Sea Breeze Holiday Cocktail

Happy day before turkey day

Could it be that you are looking for the perfect, refreshing, cocktail to make sure your holiday party is a hit? 

Over the next few weeks I will be showcasing a few great holiday cocktails for every taste bud! 

First up – Winter Sea Breeze. 

The soda water keeps the drink refreshing, while the grapefruit juice is the right addition of flavor to keep you sipping. It's a light and easy drink to keep you on your feet this holiday season. 

Just make sure you add the soda water after shaking the rest of the ingredients so that you don't lose the carbonation! The mint and pomegranate seeds are more for decoration than taste. But I can't deny that finishing off the drink with the soaked pomegranate seeds was a treat in and of itself.


1 oz vodka (1/8 cup)

1 oz grapefruit juice (1/8 cup)

1/2 oz simple syrup (2 tablespoons)

2 oz soda water (1/4 cup)

12 pomegranate seeds

Mint leaves for garnish

Remember to enjoy your cocktails, but always call a cab when needed!



(Original recipe was found here and changed at our discretion)