Brand Spotlight // Lions In Four

I am so very excited about this post and this brand. The more I learn about the brand and the founders, the more I fall head over heels for them. Not only are these products well thought out and beautiful, but they are socially conscious. 

Yes, this is a phrase that is being thrown around like pennies these days. But this is not a company that is throwing it around and going behind your back to cut corners. 

If you want to read their



see their products for yourself 

, just click the links, jump on over to their website, and check them out.

Me? I'm saving up for one of those scarves, and after that, I'm saving up for the gray, or tan suede clutch (P.S. this is suede that is found on the seats of Porsche and Maserati... if it's good enough for the elite to sit on, it's better than good enough for my hands to hold!). 

As if their products aren't drool worthy enough, 10% of their profits go to the non-profit

WE CARE of India

, which really does help your stomach and bank account feel better when you're purchasing such an expensive item.

But always remember: quality items in your wardrobe will get you MUCH farther than buying cheap for quantity.

 By the looks of it, these pieces can fit in for a few decades at least. They are simple, yet stunning, and the clutches will transition wonderfully through the seasons. 

From the zippers, to the materials, to where they are sourced, these are products to get excited about. This will definitely not be the last you hear us talk about them. (

I had the chance to see a preview of one of their spring line clutches. You will want it. I know I do.) 

They are too awesome to forget about. Plus, who doesn't need one of these Arosa scarfs (seen in Berry) for the upcoming cold weather?



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