Wheat Bear Jello Shots

I'm realizing that this post makes 2 jello shot posts in a row... which might raise alarm but only if you think about it for too long. So let's change the subject. Or rather, bring it back to this post. This week we'll be taking a break from our normal craft cocktail vibe and hitting up the beer aisle. And at the end of it all, you'll be ready to host the best beer party one ever did attend. Of course, we had to put a Kansas City swing on it by featuring a KC favorite: Boulevard Wheat. 

Scroll down for the recipe for these wheat beer jello shots and then come back Wednesday for a delicious large batch beer cocktail. 



2 3-oz packages of lemon jello
3/4 cup boiling water
1/2 cup room temp or cold water
12 oz boulevard wheat bear
2 oz vodka (optional)

How To Make

Prep your mold. I used both lemon slices and plastic shot cups. The lemons did not hold up as intended so move forward with that option at your own pace. Arrange your molds on a baking sheet. 

Pour jello powder into a mixing bowl and add boiling water, whisk until powder dissolves. Stir in the ice water and then add the beer. 

Pour jello mixture into your molds and put in the fridge for 4+ hours.