Sparkling Orange Sake Sangria

Sake can be an intimidating alcohol. To drink and to mix with. In November I traveled to Savannah, GA for their food and wine festival. I stopped by the Sake table and had a lovely conversation with the rep behind the table. I told him I'd never had sake before and needed to baby step into it. I wish I had a better memory because I truly did enjoy the sake I tried that day. 

The following day, we had an all you can eat and drink brunch with the food and wine fest. The sake rep was there again, but this time he had whipped up a few cocktails with his sake. I asked for the mixed berry cocktail he made and it was delicious. At some point during the brunch, I wanted to try another cocktail and poured a little bit of a mimosa into my sake cocktail. I don't know what tempted us to try this random concoction, we can probably blame it on the champagne,  but it ended up being my favorite drink of the entire brunch. I'm chalking this up to a happy accident and re-created it for the blog. 

Now because I did not write down the sake I enjoyed at the food and wine fest, I had to ask my liquor store what kind to go with. I also decided to use orange LaCroix to continue on with my laCroix cocktail series with the added bonus of cutting out some of the sugar that juice brings with it. 

My friend Ryan has informed me that Soju is not the same thing as Sake, but it made for a delicious cocktail. But if you want to stay true to the roots of this made up cocktail you can pick up your favorite sake.                                                           



Fresh mix of berries (I used blackberries and raspberries)
4oz Saju or Sake
8 oz Orange LaCroix
Top with Brut Champagne
Add orange slices for garnish


In a shaker muddle your fresh berries. Add ice, soju and orange lacroix. Carefully stir your cocktail and then strain into your glass. Top with champagne.