A Mojito Bar for Your Next Party

Summertime is about to be here! At least in my world, that's how I see it. If you were in Kansas City this weekend you know we had a weekend that threw off every summer vibe it could. Which was a very nice play on mother nature's part as she's now raining on all of our Memorial Day weekend parades. Seriously, my weather forecast isn't showing sunshine for a solid week. {Thankful for my decision to head down to Savannah, GA this weekend. I will be escaping all of this crappy rain} Regardless of the weather, I'm switching over to my favorite summer cocktails. One of which is the mojito. And my favorite thing about mojitos is that you can add fresh fruit for a wildly different and delicious combination. There are endless opportunities AND this makes for a great bat that your  guests can help themselves to.

Here's everything you'll need for the perfect mojito bar: 

Mint. Lots and lots of mint. If you are lucky enough to have a garden I highly recommend growing your own. It's always better that way. 
Soda Water. You can add other flavored la Croixs to inspire more creative flavor combinations in the mojitos!
Fresh Fruit. Any and all fruits you want will work great here!


Cheers! And I hope you have a great summer weekend! 


Some of my other favorite Mojito recipes from blog posts pasts are below. Check 'em out and enjoy one of the best summer cocktails out there!