Homemade Infusions

We've been chatting about infusions quite a bit recently. Or at least that's what it feels like in my own personal world. The more I read about infusions the more I am determined to master the craft for my own home bar. Since I'm playing around with these they will surely be showing up in cocktails on here in the near future. Today's post is all about the three new infusions I've added to my bar. 

I still have leftover earl grey vodka from a previous post as well as a jelly bean infusion from last month. One of the main reasons I've decided to make my own infusions is because store-bought flavored vodka tends to taste a little too fake. As I've read more articles I'm hearing that the sugar content in these vodkas is unreal and with home infusions completely avoidable. 

P.S. I plan to add many more infusions to my collection so leave any recommendations in the comments below so that I can add them to the shelf! 

The three new infusions I have added are: blueberry, jalapeno, and hibiscus. To make these add the ingredients to a jar with a lid. Pour in as much vodka as you would like and let sit for 48-72 hours before straining out the ingredients to separate from the vodka. 

I can't wait to whip these up into cocktails soon. What infusions should I try next?