25 Margarita Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

I'm an avid margarita connoisseur. In my most recent years, I have grown to despise the margaritas at tex-mex restaurants. They often bring on an instant headache with the amount of sugar they contain. So I started to mix my own margaritas at home and now I am quite spoiled. The fresher the ingredients the better the margarita. Today I've rounded up 25 margarita recipes from around the web to inspire your Cinco De Mayo festivities! As I continue to mix up marga on Mixplorology I'd love to know what kind of ingredients you'd be interested in seeing in them. Leave your ideas in the comments below! Give me a challenge from spices to fruits let's see what we can create so that next years margarita roundup can be even better!

Champagne Margarita

Margarita Granita from Feast + West

Raspberry Lime Margarita from Feed Me Phoebe

Cantelope Mint Margarita from The Speckled Palate

Watermelon Mint Margarita from Gold and Bloom

Blood Orange Margarita from Glisten and Grace Design

Skinny Maragrita from My Style Vita

Pomegranate Mint Margarita from My Style Vita

Grapefruit Basil Margarita from My Style Vita

Blueberry Margarita from My Style Vita

Frozen Blue Margarita from Feast + West

Watermelon Orange Margarita Punch from Feast + West

Pineapple Dragon Fruit Maragrita from Craft and Cocktails

Pineapple Pepper Margarita from Eat. Drink. Frolic

Ginger Margarita from Eat. Drink. Frolic