5 Reasons Adopting Cat Has Enriched My Life

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I fully embrace the life of a cat lady. I admit it and if you get me started on talking about my cat, Mojito,  you probably won't get me to shut up. I'm not at all sorry about it either. Having a cat makes things a little more fun, a little brighter. In honor of this, we're going to take a day off from our usual boozy content and talk about why bringing this little guy into my life has filled my bucket up and enriched my life in ways I didn't know I needed. Cats often get a bad rap. Well, screw all of those people, because I get a hug every day I come home and you just can't beat that. 

I Have Less Time To Be Self-Centered

It's rewarding to be the caretaker of a life. Mojito relies on me to put food and water in his bowl and provide a home and safety. Of course, I was already providing these human necessities for myself before I got Mojito. There's something about coming home after a long day to meows and purrs that take me out of my head. Simply put, I don't have as much time to purely think of myself solely. Having this responsibility has been a great thing for me. 

He Has Shown Me A New Way of Thinking About Things

Remember in school when they would have you draw an image from the birds or worms eye view. Having Mojito run around and explore my 700 square foot apartment teaches me to see things in a new way. Whey I have a creative block I will sometimes watch Mojito run around and find ways to keep himself entertained. Even if it's just watching the cars go by, I wonder what goes through his head. Admittedly, I have a pretty spazzy cat. He runs from one room to another, often skidding into objects. But it's this wacky attitude that helps me stay upbeat and look at life through a brighter lens. And if all else fails, take a nap in the sun. 

I Always Look Forward To Going Home and Getting A Hug From My Cat

Every day I get home I am met by my cat at the door with pleading meows. He will follow me around and meow until I pick him up. It's our ritual and one time I got it on camera if you don't believe me. Mojito also gives me a great reason or excuse to go home. I used to dread going home to an empty apartment, but It's no longer as lonely to walk in the door. And sleeping in on Saturday or Sunday with cat cuddles is a moment you truly can't beat. 

As far as four-legged furry animals go they are fairly low maintenance 

Yes, I have taken on an extra responsibility for this life. However, I don't have to walk Mojito or get up early and walk him in the rain or the snow. What's not to love about that? Cuddles and purrs galore without the pain of getting up early on a cold day while it's raining to walk him. 

Cat purrs are comforting

Have you ever had a cat purr on you? There must be something to those vibrations because it's my favorite form of relaxing. Sometimes Mojito will curl right into my ear and purr and it's the most relaxing thing in the universe. 

And because I love my cat for all of the reasons above and then some, I only want to feed him the most delicious of foods. I once tried to buy Mojito a new food and he turned his nose up to it. So I always start by getting a small bag for a test run before grabbing a big bag of food to last us a while. I picked up a bag of the Purina® Pro Plan® Savor recently and Mojito was interested from the moment I cut open the bag. There's real chicken in the food and a ton of nutritional benefits to boot. If you SPEND $15 on any Purina® Pro Plan® product, 5/31–7/5. SAVE $15 on your next purchase of 10.5-lbs. or larger Purina® Pro Plan® Dry Cat or Dog Food or Litter by 7/31.

Happy Tuesday!

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