Classic Cocktail: The Negroni

Did you guys know that there is a week every year called Negroni week? An entire week to celebrate a cocktail? Oh, and the best part is that the week is also charity focused? Yep, you can drink a Negroni at participating locations, for a good cause. The week of charity drinking, which started in 2013,  is presented by Imbibe Magazine and Campari and raised a crap-ton (this is an official number in my book) of money. What better way to celebrate than to whip up a classic Negroni recipe for the blog. Oh, and a fun variation of this recipe will be coming at you next week! 

First, let's chat about what exactly the Negroni is. It's actually a pretty simple cocktail made with 3 ingredients. You may have already guessed that Campari is one of the ingredients. And you would be right! This bitter apertivo, and its counterparts, have been showing up on the blog a lot lately. And by "a lot" I mean in the spring spritz cocktail and the Moscato Rose spritz cocktail. This makes sense when you realize the spritz and the negroni both originated from Italy. Those Italians sure love their bitter forward cocktails. Scroll down for the recipe and a link to where you can easily find restaurants serving up Negronis in honor of Negroni Week, which is June 6-12 this year! And if you want a cute necklace that gives back and is in honor the Negroni check THIS one out! 


1 oz. gin
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. sweet vermouth


Add ingredients to a chilled rocks glass (add ice if a chilled glass is not accessible) and stir with a bar spoon. Garnish with an orange twist or an orange slice. 


Find your venue HERE so that you can celebrate!