Blueberry Mojito to Celebrate the Royals

Happy baseball season! May your hotdogs be plenty and your beers be full. The fall I moved back to Kansas City was the fall that the Royals lost the World Series to San Fransisco. It was amazing to see the city come together, you couldn't look in any direction without seeing a mob of people wearing blue and the energy was high. It was devastating to lose the series by a hair. But the Royals came back and took 2015 by storm to win the World Series. We can all admit we learned a thing or 5 from the Royals the last couple of years. 

Yesterday was opening day and Baseball is back in full swing! To celebrate I wanted to make a Royals cocktail to sip on while watching the game. Now I'm sharing it with you to enjoy as well. All players are welcome to enjoy the cocktails in this club house! 

I originally wanted to make a white russian with the blue caramel corn Shatto milk, but they only came out with a few thousand bottles and they sold out quickly! So I had to switch gears and decided to go for a fruity blue cocktail instead. Since I'm a big fan of mojitos I decided I'd pick up some mint and see how things shook up. Things shook up deliciously, and a little purple, but beggars can't be choosers. 


2 oz white rum

3-4 mint leaves 

6-7 blueberries

Soda water


Muddle blueberries and mint leaves in a glass. Add ice and rum and pour into another glass and then back into your original glass to disperse the ingredients. Top with soda water and stir as desired. 

Cheers to a great season and always being KC Proud!