A Spring Spritz Cocktail

Spring is in the air, or at least it was before these dreary rainy days that have taken over Kansas City. With warmer weather becoming our new normal it's time to change up the cocktail scene. No more chocolate raspberry martinis or the sorts. Bring on the rose and fruit! Just thinking about moments like this makes me want to move to an apartment that has a balcony to enjoy the weather and a rocking chair. I recently got a new cocktail book all about sprtizers. What's a spritzer you ask? Well, this book dove right into the history of a spritzer. So much so I almost considered it my book of the month. But, that would have been a lame cop-out, right? 

A spritzer, or a spritz, is "Italy's Most Iconic Apertivo Cocktail". The spritz is a cocktail that made its fame in America with the launch of an Aperol ad campaign in the 90's. My worlds are colliding here. Advertising AND cocktails? I'm in love. 

Ice. Prosecco. Bitters. Soda. The ingredients the Italians swear by. Today I'm sharing a spin on a version in the book Spritz that I will definitely be making my way through this spring and summer.... and probably even the winter if we are being honest. 

It’s a drink splashed together with a rakish dedication to leisure, and one served during a sacred time of day that asks nothing except that you be yourself.
— Roberto Bava of Cocchi


2 oz cappelletti (or Aperol/Campari)
1.5 oz sparkling blood orange juice
4 oz brut rose champagne 


Add crushed ice to a champagne flute. Pour in ingredients and top with a slice of blood orange if available. 

You can find the original recipe on page 76 of Spritz

I received this book from Blogging for Books for review, but as always all opinions are 100% my own. 

Spritz on!