Classic Cocktail Variation || The Sparkling Berry Julep

Derby day is right around the corner. I'm getting a notification about different derby events at least every other day. I probably won't go to any of the events but that doesn't mean I can't drink like I'm at the derby. Last week I gave a glimpse of the history of the mint julep and the classic recipe. Today I'm twisting things up for those that might not want such a spirit heavy cocktail. I could probably find a way to add champagne to almost any cocktail. 


2 oz Kentucky bourbon

6-10 mint leaves

6-8 blueberries

2 tsp sugar

crushed ice (you will need a lot of crushed ice!)

mint sprigs to garnish

Top with champagne


In a glass (preferably a sterling silver cup if accessible) muddle your sugar, blackberries, and mint together. Fill the cup to the brim with crushed ice. Add Bourbon, stir and top champagne. Add a sprig of mint for garnish


Have a happy derby day!