Jelly Bean Sparkler

Jelly beans aren't just for Easter. They are a delicious treat to have on hand to get your sweet tooth on. They also work as a great ingredient to create an infusion with. I am slowly working to build up my collection of homemade infusions. I am not so sure I am sold on the Everclear method, but it's a learning process. And I'll keep sharing this process with you all as it evolves. I created this jelly bean infusion a couple of weeks ago when I made the jelly bean martini. Jelly beans are back today in honor of National Jelly Bean day! Celebrate good times, come on! 


1 oz jelly bean infusion
top with champagne
drop in a jelly bean or 2 for garnish


Pour your jelly bean infusion into a champagne flute. Top with champagne and drop in your jelly beans!