A Classic Cocktail || The Mint Julep

This months classic cocktail is also coming at an opportune time to grab the ingredients and enjoy with a silly hat and southern attire. It will charm you, your guests with its southern charm. The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner and we all know the Mint Julep is the cocktail of choice that most choose to enjoy at the event. Or to enjoy while in a completely different state and pretend you are there. I will be doing the latter and can't wait to show you the twist on the mint julep that will be up next week. Hint: grab your champagne and fresh berry of choice. 


Now for the history lesson in today's post. They say that the Mint Julep is inspired by a drink from the Middle East called the Julab. A cocktail created with rose petals. Which, count me in! Now I feel I need to grab some rose water. The Mint Julep became the official drink of the Derby in 1938. Much like a moscow mule has it's copper mug the Julep is intended to be served in a sterling silver cup. Creating this post has made me want to add Kentucky to my list of 12 trips for 2016. 


2 oz Kentucky bourbon

6-10 mint leaves

2 tsp sugar

crushed ice (you will need a lot of crushed ice!)

mint sprigs to garnish


In a glass (preferably a sterling silver cup if accessible) muddle your sugar and mint together. Fill the cup to the brim with crushed ice. Add Bourbon, stir and top with a sprig of mint. 


You will definitely want to enjoy your mint julep with a straw since there are so many mint leaves in it! Funny hat is optional.