Jelly Bean Martini

If you take a walk down the candy aisle you might find a few jelly beans for sale. If you have self-control you might find leftover jelly beans from Easter. Today's post comes in two parts. Part one is a jelly bean infusion that will come back to play on the 22nd for National Jelly Bean Day. The second is a jelly bean martini that you can make right now!

Let's start with the infusion recipe! 

Set aside all of the jelly beans in one color. I chose the red jelly beans because I knew the color would look nice and I had the most of them in my bag. In a mason jar – or sealable container – drop in your jelly beans. Pour in 2 cups of Everclear and let soak for about 1-2  weeks and then strain out the jelly beans and use in the cocktail on the 22nd!

Check out the St. Louis cocktail for why I use Everclear with my infusions. 


1.5 oz whipped vodka

1.5 oz strawberry lemonade vodka

5-8 pink jelly beans

Rose champagne


In a glass drop in the jelly beans. Add the vodka and top with rose champagne until full.