Honey Lemonade Sangria

If you invite me to a party it is almost guaranteed that I will bring a cocktail to share. I won't walk into a party without a gift to begin with, but sangrias are my bread and butter. There are endless opportunities and it's pretty difficult to mess it up. Too strong? Add more juice. Too weak? Add more liquor. Today I'm bringing a delicious sangria made with one of my favorite juices... lemonade. 

A sangria that's reminiscent of when you had a lemonade stand as a kid, but with an adult twist ;) 


2 oz honey

4-6 strawberries cut up

1 lemon cut up

1 750 ml bottle of dry white wine

1/2 bottle of champagne

3 cups of lemonade

1/2 cup of vodka


In a pitcher add all ingredients, except for the honey and champagne, and stir well. In a separate bowl add a dash of vodka to your honey so that it disperses evenly in your sangria. Pour into your sangria and top with champagne.

What kinds of ingredients would you like to see in the next Sangria? Let me know in the comments!