Finding My Scent with Jo Malone

Getting together with other bloggers in KC is one of my favorite things to do. If I can squeeze an event in I always try to make it. Even if I have to run back to back events or give up having a single night to myself to relax at home. Earlier this month we all got together to chat with Jo Malone at Nordstrom. I had no idea what to expect going into the meeting but I left obsessed. From candles to cologne you can personalize your scent and the scent of your home. I sprayed every single bottle because I had a hard time choosing! I am still trying to make my official decision but I wanted to share the adventure and see if any of you have suggestions? 

The Jo Malone scents can all live on their own but are almost empowered when paired with another scent. That's what makes the decision so tough. How can I pick two scents that go together and then work with my specific pheromones once they are on? I feel confident knowing I won't be throwing money down a drain since you can grab test tubes and try them on before you buy. Like test driving a car but you'll probably get more compliments if you chose the right one(s). 

So If I can find one pair of scents that work together and start building my Jo Malone collection I can eventually have a range of different scents to choose from depending on my mood, weather, and event. Which is exciting. Really all you need is 3 great scents to start and you could potentially have 6+ (I'm not good at math) options. Wear them all alone or mix and match and then mix and match again. 

Thanks, Jo Malone for showing us a good time, thanks even more for opening up this new door of creativity I didn't even know existed! Do any of you wear Jo Malone? Any recommended scents or pairing for me? I tend to like floral and fruity smells as long as they don't smell too sweet.