Honey Whiskey Sweet Tea || Savannah Inspired Cocktail

Cocktails and traveling are two of my favorite things to enjoy. It's only natural that I would merge the two and create a cocktail inspired by every trip I take. This year I plan to take 12 trips and can't wait to see what all 12 cocktails turn out to be. So far I've taken 3 trips: New Orleans, St. Louis and Savannah. Of course, I like to give the low down of why I enjoyed every city and my favorite spots I went to on each trip but picking up and getting on a plane immediately isn't an option for most people. Driving to the store to grab ingredients to make a cocktail and plan or dream about a vacation is slightly more achievable. 

If that's not how you plan your vacations then I might suggest you up your game. Plus, it's just more fun this way. While Savannah is a place I consider home it was actually quite difficult to decide which recipe I wanted to mixplore for the blog. I debated between a Jameson cocktail since it's a town that loves its Irish heritage. I thought maybe a peach cocktail since Georgia is known for its peaches, but that ultimately felt like more of an Atlanta trait. And I do hope to make it to Atlanta this year so I didn't want to use that up. Savannah is a drinking town and I thought maybe Jameson isn't my best bet but why can't a more approachable whiskey be the star? As I started to recount my time(s) in Savannah I couldn't help but shake the thought that the Savannah Bee Company is always one of my favorite places to stop in for my honey fix. But it couldn't be a lemonade cocktail because I already had the Honey Lemonade sangria recipe lined up for the blog. Then I had my 'Aha' moment. Sweet tea, duh. Since I'm not a huge sweet tea drinker I picked up a bottle of unsweet tea but either will do the trick! The great thing about cocktails is that you can always tweak the recipe to be something you enjoy. 

Scroll down for the recipe!


1.5 oz whiskey

1 honey spoon (you can buy them here or make your own with this recipe)

6 oz of sweet tea 


Pour whiskey into a glass with ice and top with sweet tea. Stir with honey spoon. You can also make this in a pitcher to easily serve multiple guests at once. Just give everyone their own honey spoon.