6 Reasons to Travel to Savannah, Georgia

I consider Savannah my home. Yes, Kansas is home, but if home is where your heart is then my heart is in Savannah and thus it's my home. I can still go back to Savannah and slip right back in with my people. There is something magical about the city and I miss it every day. I often tell my friends that if I could have had the career I dreamed of in Savannah I would have stayed. In my quest to take 12 trips a month I used up my March trip to take a jaunt down to Savannah. 

Savannah is always hard to leave. It's the kind of place that I find myself waiting and hoping for my flight to get canceled. Or volunteering to get on a later flight if my original flight is booked. I highly recommend a trip to Savannah to just about everyone that I meet.

The history

Savannah is rich with history on every square. You can easily take a little walking tour or a trolley tour if it's too hot. I recommend the walking tour since it lends itself nicely to the ability to walk and enjoy a cocktail. What's not to love about a walking culture tour? 

The squares

There are 22 squares that make up Savannah can be a pain to drive through if you don't know the special driving rules that make up the city. But to walk around and enjoy? They are magical spots with gorgeous greenery, benches, locals playing jazz music and history baked right in. 

To-Go Cocktails

Get your culture in while enjoying a great cocktail. Or a beer. I'm not here to judge your drinking choices. But I am here to help you find the best cocktails in Savannah, or the best bar scene and those tips and tricks will be coming later this week. I'll give you a hint: one of the must see places is definitely The Grey. It's a great place to start off a class evening and enjoy a craft cocktail before ending your night on a less that classy note. 

Southern Charm 

Without the pretentious vibe. Savannah is full of incredibly nice locals and transplants that have been sucked in and haven't ever left. You don't need sugar in your tea to get a dose of sweetness here. And if you aren't nice, well, bless your heart. 

The Ability to Walk everywhere

The downtown area of Savannah is all walkable. So bring your walking shoes or hop on a pedi-cab. When I was living in Savannah I would always take a new route to walk somewhere and I would always find a new favorite view or spot in Savannah that charmed me. I continue to find more reasons to love Savannah every time I go back. 

Proximity to the beach

If you are a beach bum you can easily make a trek to Tybee Island for a day at the beach. It's an easy 20-minute drive from downtown Savannah. 

It's Booming with creative shops producing honey, chocolate and even fantastic coffee. 

Savannah has drawn in many creative people with its charm. Because of this, the city is booming with delicious treats on every corner. You can stop in one of the best chocolate shops I've ever been in (my friend Sydnie can attest that I was as happy as a 5-year-old who was just handed a sucker bigger than their head.) On another corner, you can get a great cup of coffee or a coffee cocktail to walk around with. Next to that you can stop into the Savannah Bee company and try delicious honey. Your taste buds will go overboard with all of the senses you could take in on any given day. It's well worth it the only issue is how does one find the time to cram it all in!?

Writing this has definitely made me a little homesick again. I miss my friends and walking around the beautiful city. Hopefully, I can make a trip back soon to explore the charms with all of my loved ones. Until then I hope I can see a few of you take a trip to my favorite city. Later this week I'll be sharing a must see guide full of bars and more that will delight your every sense.